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Drawings Rules,
Terms & Conditions

Below are the outlined Rules, Terms & Conditions that must be met in order to claim your prize(s). Please keep in mind that these Rules, Terms & Conditions can change at any time for future prizes and/or drawings. Please be sure to check back periodically to make sure conditions are still being met for that specific drawing. Once a drawing period has begun (open registration), no further changes will be allowed to that specific prize(s) drawing event.

By entering the drawing/contest below you are agreeing that you have read the Terms & Conditions and willfully chose to enter said contest. If for any reason you wish your name to be removed prior to a prize drawing, we must be notified in writing (e-mail, mailed letter, fax) at your earliest convenience and at least 7 days prior to the drawing date. 

1.     No purchase necessary. Entry is open and available to all permanent Florida Residents Only.  Must be 18+ and reside in Florida for at least 6 months out of the calendar year in order to register and/or win. A 1st Place win is limited to 1 win per calendar year, contestants may be able to win other prizes as long as the true total value of items won does not exceed $100.00 (although MSRP, Current Value [C.V.] or Retail Value may be actually higher) per calendar year as set by The State.


2.     Contestants are limited to 3 total prize(s)/drawings wins per calendar year. If the secondary prize won is higher than the $100.00 limit set by the State of Florida Insurance Commission, we will be forced to issue the remaining balance in form of an Amazon gift card (i.e. Contestant previously won a $70 1st place prize, on the 2nd entry, contestant won a 3rd place prize which was valued at $55. Since the limit is $100 and contest had already won $70, only $30 would remain and be eligible for payout; However, if contestant wins 3x the 3rd place and they are still under the $100 [3 x $30 = $90] threshold, no additional payout will be made since prior rules state a maximum of 3 wins per calendar year per player will be honored) if the value owed is higher than $10. If value is more than $1 but less than $10, then an e-gift card will be issued. If less than $1 is owed, no remaining balance will be issued.


3.     Board Members and Employees/Interns are excluded from entering and/or winning any of the company promotions.

By entering the contest you are agreeing for a member of our agency to contact you in the near future to compare your rates on any of insurance policies of your choice. You are never under any obligation to buy or use any of our services.

(If you submit your entry via fax, phone, e-mail or text, you must mention that you wish to be entered in the drawing)

We will do our best to help you save money with hopes that you will spread the word to others!


4.     We care about your privacy and we guarantee that we will never disclose, transfer, sell or lend any of your personal information to any third party or vendor. Only 1 win per contestant per event/drawing. Once registered as a contestant, you will receive a confirmation email within 48 business hours letting you know you have been successfully entered into the drawing contest. If no response/verification is received please contact us before submitting another entry by calling 1-866-467-6992 or by sending us an email to .

5.     Winner(s) will be chosen at random by using a randomized computer spinning wheel with the contestant's First Name and Fist Last Name Initial on it (If contestants share same name and same first initial, the second letter of the last name will be used for easier identification during the event). is the software that will be primarily used to pick the winners. Prize drawing will be livestreamed through the public Social Media Platform - Facebook Live - on February 2nd, 2022 at 2:22p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

6.     In order to claim the prize(s), contestants must have a valid Florida government issued ID and must confirm their delivery address with Reliable Insurance within 30 days from the drawing. If no prize is confirmed/claimed within 30 days, they will be released to the 2nd & 3rd place runner-ups respectively. A total of 3 names will be drawn, a 1st place, and 2 back-up prize winners (2nd & 3rd). If 1st place prize is not claimed, it will be passed down to the 2nd place, if not claimed, it will be awarded to the 3rd picked participant. If 1st and 2nd place remain unclaimed (no-claim or already won 1st place before [see rule 1]) then, 1st place prize will be awarded to 3rd place. If it all fails, remaining unclaimed prizes will be rolled into the next quarterly drawing.  Phew, that wasn't that bad... Now was it?  =)

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