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Boats & Watercraft

Floridians are well known for always having fun in the sun!

And that is due to the fact that Floridians are never more than 60 miles away from the nearest body of salt water! 

We are almost completely surrounded by water;
We are the 2nd State with the most Shoreline...

(Alaska has 1st place, but who the heck wants to go jet-skiing in Alaska?!?)

Let us shop the BEST Marine rates for YOU!

Water + Sunshine + Watercrafts  =  Florida Fun!


*Some Boats or risks might require additional underwriting

Hull Coverage

We cover all aspects of the hull, whether is damaged in a collision, a comprehensive loss, fire, explosion, among other perils.

Let one our boat & watercraft experts help you customize the right policy for your boat and belongings!

Agreed Value or A.C.V.

Insure your Boat or Watercraft 

with either an Agreed Value policy which will pay you the total "Agreed" amount it was insured for or select an Actual Cash Value policy, which will fair-market value your boat at the time of the loss for a premium reduction!

Towing & Assistance

We offer Towing & Assistance...

Which Covers:

  • Boats or Watercraft

  • Trailers & Haulers

From any breakdown at sea or on the road... Ran out of gas? Got a flat tire on your trailer? Broke down in the middle of the water?

Bodily Injury

Worried about injuring someone who isn't as careful boater as you are? This coverage helps protect any third party that you may injure in a boating accident. Helps cover medical bills that they may incur.

Uninsured Boater

Bodily Injury coverage for you and your guests or passengers when injured in a hit-n-run accident or when the other operator does not have any marine or boat insurance to cover your injuries.

Mechanical Breakdown

This endorsement adds coverage for specified parts that breakdown and are not covered under the Labor reimbursement only on the Towing & Assistance Coverage. 

Hurricane & Named Storm

We cover for Hurricanes and Named Storms damage to your boat or personal watercraft...

Whether on land or sea... 

Let us customize the right marine policy to fit your needs!

Bahamas Coverage

Got a permanently installed satellite navigation system on your boat? We can add this coverage and extend the cruising limits from your original policy...


Boat Storage

Extends Liability coverage while under a dock/slip rental storage or marina. 

Personal Property

Got fishing poles? Life Vests?

Got the latest & most expensive cooler? We can cover all that and many more things! We can even include coverage for your Special Electronics to be covered. i.e. Navigation Equipment, Depth Finders, etc...

Discounts Available

  • Multi-Policy Discount

  • State Certified Safety Course

  • U.S. Power Squadron Course

  • USCG Auxiliary Safety Course

  • USCG Captain's License

  • Years of Experience

  • Prior / Continuous Insurance

Fuel Spillage & Pollution

Accidental Fuel Spillage?

We can help cover the clean up, and 

Do You Qualify?

We Specialize on:

  • Monohull Sailboats

  • Multihull Sailboats

  • Personal Watercraft

  • Inflatable

  • Rigid Hull Inflatables

  • Bass Boats

  • Pontoon Boats

  • Runabout

  • Cruiser

  • Center Console

  • Driftboat

  • Jetski

Accepted Hulls:

  • Wood

  • Fabric (Inflatable)

  • Steel

  • Fabric & Rigid Material

(Rigid Hull Inflatable)

  • Aluminum

  • Composite

  • Fiberglass

Accepted Drive Systems:

  • Sterndrive

  • Inboard

  • Outboard

  • Pods

  • Waterjet

  • None (Sailboats)

Other Accepted Factors:

  • Brand New to 100 years old

  • Up to $1,000,000 Value

  • Boats up to 45' in Length

(Longer in Commercial Boats)

  • Speeds of 60 MPH

  • 3 or More Engines

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