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Rigo J. Morales


Rigo started his insurance career back in 2004, right when Florida was hit by 4 Hurricanes, all within a period of 6 weeks, 3 of which crossed through his hometown; Lakeland, FL.

Hurricane Charlie on 8/13/04, Hurricane Frances on 8/24/04 & Hurricane Jeanne on 9/13/04. He was in the middle of all the hurricanes action, where he got to experience and see first hand some of the damage claims and was right in the middle of all the talks and reformations on the Florida Insurance Homeowner's & Flood markets.

In 2005, Rigo graduated from Lakeland Senior High School with High Honors and reached the Cadet rank of Lieutenant Colonel as the Battalion Commander in the Highschool's ARMY JROTC program. Where he was in charge of roughly 150 cadets (all students) in the program as their cadet-in-chief leader. An honor that helped shape, mold and refine his qualities.


While in JROTC, Rigo donated over 900 Hours of Community Service every Friday Night during the football season, where the entire battalion was tasked with cleaning up the stadium after every game. Besides wearing his BDU's (Battle Dress Uniform) to the stadium, Rigo also was honored to play football and wear the Football Jersey for the Lakeland Dreadnaughts as # 74 in the J.V. team during his Sophomore and Junior years, by his Senior year, he faced a tough decision, on whether to move to up to Varsity Football or accept the position as the JROTC Battalion Commander. He chose the latter.

Rigo was ultimately offered a Westpoint Academy scholarship in order to become an ARMY Officer after completing the ROTC program, which he unfortunately had to decline due to family reasons. Instead, he stayed home and attended Polk State College in the Lakeland & Winter Haven campuses with a focus on Business Administration & Accounting where he earned his Associate's Degree and continued to pursuit his Bachelor's Degree

By 2008 he became a Licensed Customer Service Representative with a local-well-known Nationwide Insurance agency where he worked on marketing, quoting, sales, customer service, policy service and basic nightly accounting/reconciliation. During this time, he got to experience, at first hand, the damage caused by the Scott Lake Sinkhole to one of his insured's homes. He eventually worked for 2 other Independent Agencies in town where he worked his way up to become a Personal Lines Manager, where he was in charge of managing 3 agents/producers. 

In 2014, Rigo got married to his beautiful and charming wife. Within a month of being married, he received an offer from Farmers Insurance to move to Houston, Texas and work as a District Recruiter for the top District Manager in the state who has an downline of around 140 Agents/Agencies. Rigo became licensed right-away in Texas as a General Lines Agent with availability to write Life, Health & Accidental policies, as well as any Property & Casualty policies (Similar to Florida's 2-20 & 215 Licenses; to sell Auto, Home, Commercial, etc...). He recruited and helped train brand new insurance agents on how to open up and effectively operate an insurance agency, while also helping train them and their staff on how to handle marketing, customer service, quoting, basic coverage and product knowledge.

On 2018 he became a Father to his first-born son, and by 2020 he decided it was time to make his dream come true and return home to Florida and build his insurance agency. After searching all the big cities, he knew that his heart longed and belonged to Lakeland and the Central Florida region. After securing a home during these crazy over-priced-coronavirus-era, he started to laydown the foundation for the vision he had...

To empower our insureds in making the right insurance decisions by thoroughly explaining and tailoring coverages to best fit their own

insurance needs and ultimately, ALWAYS being there for YOU!




Polk State College

Lakeland/Winter Haven, FL


Lakeland Senior High

Lakeland, FL


Crystal Lake Middle

Lakeland, FL


Lincoln Middle School

Oceanside, CA

Graduated with an A.A. Degree in Business Administration with a primary focus on Accounting. Took an additional year of schooling towards a Bachelor's Degree but then he found out about starting a career in insurance, where no degree is required.

Graduated with High Honors, 900+ Community Service Hours and as the Battalion Commander for the ARMY JROTC and was in charge of all 150 cadets in the program. Played Junior Varsity Football during Sophomore and Junior school years.

Attended 8th Grade when we moved to Lakeland, FL from Oceanside California in the summer of 2000. Played soccer as a Midfielder and Defender on the school's soccer program, loved woodworking classes and graduated with High Honors.

Arrived to United States and attended 7th Grade. Enrolled in ESOL school program as English Language proficiency was only at about 24% comprehension.

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